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Local musician Brie Goldsobel, 21, gearing up for 14 day tour with celebrity Aaron Carter.  Photo courtesy of Veronica Amaya.






By Britney Ouzts 

South Florida News Service

Florida Atlantic University theater major Brie Goldsobel, 21, first discovered her love of music in kindergarten through involvement with her school choir.  About 10 years ago, Goldsobel began writing her own music.  Today, she has two songs on iTunes, a music video and is set to embark on her first tour alongside musician Aaron Carter, a “Dancing with the Stars” alum.

“Music is the only thing that I have ever been interested in,” said Goldsobel, who is expected to graduate in December and continue her music career.  “My goal is to play more shows than dinners that I eat” said Goldsobel. “I want to play more than 365 shows in a year.”

Northern Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Maryland are some of the locations that will be included on her next tour, which goes from October 9 – 22.

Adorned with flowers in her hair, a burgundy-crochet dress and brown leather riding boots, Goldsobel described her music as a mixture of pop, rock and blues.

“The stuff that I have written so far has more of a pop-rock feel,” said Goldsobel.  “But the music that I have been working on most recently is a mixture of blues and pop.  I really like the vibe of it, so I’m hoping to go in that direction.”

Goldsobel has been under the professional management of Stephanie Christie Management and Publicity for almost a year now.

“She hit me up and asked me, ‘hey would you watch my very first music video and tell me what you think?’” said Christie, who was introduced to Goldsobel via Twitter. “I immediately knew we had something.”

Christie has seen Goldsobel grow from a small town coffee shop artist with her acoustic guitar to playing shows back to back for hundreds of people a night.

“She has gone from writing songs that are comfortable for her to really knowing how to write a hook in a chorus, knowing how to write a hit,” said Christie, who arranged to book Goldsobel on Aaron Carter’s tour.

Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, achieved stardom at a young age and became a pop sensation among teenage girls with the release of his album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” in 2000.

He is now coming back to the scene in full force with a new single entitled “Where Do We Begin?” and his ongoing fall tour, which began on Aug. 24.

Goldsobel is not able to join Carter until Oct. 9 because of school.

“If I would have done the full tour, I would have had to take the whole year off of school, which would stink,” said Goldsobel, who has been gaining more exposure thanks to her iTunes songs “Live it Up” and “Dive In” as well as her music video for “Dive In” on YouTube and has increased her fan base.

Danielle Mizrachi, 22, is one of them.

“I have heard people that I know talking about Brie and the Aaron Carter tour, and I thought it was cool that someone that goes to the same school as me is going on tour with a celebrity,” said Mizrachi, who heard the buzz about Goldsobel while attending school at the Florida Atlantic University campus.  “I looked up her music video on YouTube, and it’s great.  It’s definitely something that I could hear on the radio.”

Goldsobel was born and raised in Oceanside, N.Y., until eventually moving to Jupiter, Fla., where she currently lives with her mother Melanie Goldsobel, 51, and her younger sister, Farah Maltese, 11.

Goldsobel also has an identical twin sister, Genna Goldsobel, who is currently attending college in New York.

As a child, she would take inflatable microphones and put on concerts alongside Genna during every family gathering.

“I always thought that it was the coolest thing ever,” said Goldsobel.  “It always made me so happy.”

Now, Goldsobel plays the guitar, the piano and most recently learned to play the ukulele, a small four string guitar originated in Hawaii.

“She plays them all at her shows,” said Goldsobel’s mother.  “She’s so talented.”

But talent is not all that matters to the younger Goldsobel.

She said the purpose of her music is to inspire and give others hope.

“I just want my music to impact people somehow,” said Goldsobel.  “Impact them in a small way or a big way.”


What: Brie Goldsobel on tour with Aaron Carter

When: October 9 through 22

Where: Locations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Admission: $12-$103

For more information and specific locations, visit or




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